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10/18/2015 00:13
Bikin Kue Kastengel Khas Jakarta - Indeed, here we will not get enough there to discuss a recipe-based seafood. In addition to good taste when processed, seafood is indeed very easy for us to get, but does have a price a little expensive when compared to vegetables. Of course seafood has a delicious flavor as processed spices that fit. For this type of seafood that we'll use this time is squid.
Squid we made here will be excellent cuisine that is the way made into stir-fried squid which has a spicy flavor savory. The squid is known to have a unique shape and taste delicious when eaten. It looks like you will not be disappointed with squid recipe this one because squid including healthy food for our bodies. Okay, just let's make the following recipe.
Material :
1 kg fresh calamari which is clean (circular cut)
3 red tomatoes (cut into pieces)
3 large green chilies (cut oblique)
enough water
3/4 tablespoon salt
1 onion (cut lengthwise)
3 cloves garlic (thinly sliced)
30 g margarine
1 red pepper (diced small)
3/4 teaspoon flavoring
sugar 1 teaspoon
How to Make Spicy Sauteed Calamari squid:
Heat the margarine and stir-fry the garlic with onions
Insert pieces of chillies, red peppers and tomato slices, stirring until wilted
Pour enough water and wait until boiling
Enter the squid is cut into a circular water stew seasoning
Wait until the sauce slightly shrinking while stirring
Add the other spices and stir until evenly distributed and mature
Process has been finished Spicy Sauteed Calamari squid delights. Serve this meal with white rice is still warm, family hope you like the recipes that you create.
10/18/2015 00:06
Memasak Sop Iga Daging Paling Maknyus - Seafood is a food that contains a lot of nutrients your body needs. In some seafood restaurant menu in bandrol a pretty good price. Surely it is comparable to the price of seafood and processing methods of food itself. Where in some restaurant, shrimp can be presented in a varied menu such as sweet and sour shrimp, fried shrimp, shrimp salted egg sauce, oyster sauce and shrimp.
Now mothers do not worry, mothers can also get recipes vary in cooking shrimp, of course, mothers do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy the processed shrimp in a seafood restaurant. Surely the mother can guarantee food ingredients and adjust the food tastes family. Additionally mothers can also prepare the menu of processed shrimp to the child at the time of fasting, so the child will be excited again in fasting. Let's look at the way the mother in cooking shrimp tasty oyster sauce.
The ingredients in how to cook shrimp tasty oyster sauce
· 1kg fresh shrimp large sizes
· 6 spring onions (thinly sliced)
· 4 cloves garlic (thinly sliced)
· 1 clove onion (thinly sliced)
· 1 teaspoon pepper
· 3 tablespoons butter
· 3 tablespoons soy sauce
· 6 tsp oyster Saur
· Salt to taste
· Right amount of oil
How to cook shrimp, oyster sauce:
1. In a special process the shrimp, oyster sauce, you need to consider is to choose the main ingredient is shrimp were fresh and large size
2. In addition peeled shrimp shell and head. Clean dirt shrimp that taste does not taste bitter.
3. Wash the shrimp under running water
4. Next make a smooth flavor using a mortar or smoothing tool other spices. Puree onion, garlic, and salt to taste.
5. Prepare a pan with enough oil, then mix the butter and let it melt.
6. Once hot, add the onions and spices. Saute the ingredients until wilted and fragrant.
7. Then enter the shrimp that have been washed clean. Stir until evenly distributed and pervasive seasoning on the shrimp.
8. Add the soy sauce and oyster sauce and cook until the shrimp become mature
9. Once cooked shrimp, oyster sauce serve tasty while warm
Well to cook a menu of shrimp, oyster sauce on top of the mother only takes about 45 minutes already include the time of preparation of materials and tools. Thus the mother would be very practical to prepare a menu of processed shrimp when the time will break the fast or eat a meal. Besides protein and high calorie would be very good for the child mothers who are in a period of growth. How is the mother? Of course, not easy to process shrimp oyster sauce. Moreover, material and easy marinade mother get in a supermarket or shop around the house. Waiting immediately try yuk how to cook this delicious shrimp oyster sauce. Good luck mother.
10/18/2015 00:01
Memasak Semur Ayam Bumbu Kuning - Hunting for food of different types of seafood was never-ending. One of the many popular fish is tuna. Many of these fish-based cuisine, where each region or place offers a unique cooking although the material remains essentially the same. Share and lovers swordfish and want to be creative with other dishes that are required to read the article to be treated the way of cooking delicious tuna so that your meals more tasteful and delicious. Cook swordfish is not difficult, therefore follow this article in order to practice it at home.
· 400 grams of fresh tuna (2-tailed)
· 1 tomato, peeled and sliced medium
· ½ teaspoon salt
· Seasonings sense of taste
· Sugar to taste
· Clean water as necessary
· 3 pieces turmeric
· 1 ginger, peeled and crushed
· 1 ginger, peeled and crushed
· The pecan taste
· 6 shallots
· 3 garlic
· Leaves regards as necessary
· 3 lime leaves
· Santan taste (1/2 coconuts)
· Red chili pepper and taste
· Right amount of oil
Step-by-step cooking tasty tuna:
How to cook delicious first swordfish that prepare all ingredients
Start entering the swordfish in the container and start cleaned then drain.
Prepare then heat oil in a skillet, put tuna that had been cleaned one by one, fry until half-dry, drain
Prepare onion, white, cayenne pepper, red, nutmeg until smooth
Add turmeric grind until smooth
Mix in the spices of ginger, galangal, leaves deep, lime leaves and then grind back carelessly
Stir-fry until fragrant spices was then enter the sugar to add savory
Prepare in a small cauldron boil water, put the spices already added sauteed tomato was subsequently stirring constantly until blended
While stirring, add salt, sugar, flavoring and then began to enter the tuna
Turn over or stir carefully, wait until the sauce absorbs the swordfish, if it is put in a container lift and serve, swordfish tasty ready to be enjoyed.
Starting a recipe is not easy, because of course it was the first experience. But you do not need to worry anymore because the measures are presented for swordfish tasty way of cooking is simple, of course, you will easily practice at home. Learning other creations with tuna is a good idea, because in addition to adding the experience will spoil your loved ones with varied cuisine. Begin to try this recipe for a delicious meal accompanied with a sensation of swordfish super duper delicious course. Enjoy!
09/25/2015 22:27

Masak Mie Goreng Khas Kalimantan - Fresh fruit salad, you definitely no stranger to hear the food is not. salad is one of the appetizers are healthy and very well liked, of adults, teenagers and young children. besides tasty and fresh salads can be healthy and very good for our bodies tablets. for those of you who are on a diet, fruit salad is also very suitable really you consume as it can satiate the stomach and helps facilitate defecation you.

Currently ongoing diet program certainly feels very bad huh? because in addition to reducing your portions which was really super annoying, you also have to avoid the name of dinner so that your diet program really maximal and ideal weight you want quickly achieved. Why ? because the dinner was that makes our weight was rapidly rising. because at night, our bodies are not slowing down as the morning and afternoon with activities that many segambreng. nah, to replace the dinner that we could also replace it with a fresh fruit salad is delicious tablets.

In carrying out the program was not a diet by reducing your portions, yes. You also should avoid eating foods that contain fat. such as rice, burgers, grilled sausages, steaks, foods containing coconut milk and so on. nah to substitute for rice, we should really eat any fruit you like to reduce hunger it or until you really feel full. in addition to generating a sense of satiety, fresh fruit salad on the other hand can also give a delicious flavor and tongue your own pleasure for the lovers of the fruit.

Eating fresh fruit salad recipe is highly recomend deh for you, compulsory and should be tried at home. because not only the ingredients are easy to obtain, in the fruit fresh fruit salad recipe we can also set yourself according to your taste. very easy and practical deh, principally obliged really be your home entrees were very healthy and filling. back again for those of you who are on a diet program opening enough fresh fruit salad is just, well, let me eat mainly foods not most hehhehe
Well for those of you who would or would like to make it yourself at home, here I will review how in making a fresh fruit salad recipe that must be tested easily and very practical. hmmm, easily and practically? yes, because it is not difficult to make this a fresh fruit salad. we simply define the various pieces of what we'll use as a salad. nah for ingredients and how to make a salad that we will create is as follows.
09/25/2015 22:09

Masak Cireng Bumbu Rujak Spesial - Now of course you are able to smile yourself at home donk? because of its intention to make the brownies will be accomplished, although do not have a mixer and oven hehhee. besides not using the mixer and oven turns in making these brownies are also very easy and very practical really loh. deh essentially match those of you who emang was really've never made brownies.

Besides convenient and practical, the materials in making these brownies are also very affordable. only requires flour, cocoa powder, sugar, cooking oil and so on. materials that are very easy to obtain diwarung-stalls, alfamart or special material in stores nearby pastry around your home. eitt, do not be afraid of the costs needed in making brownies is yes. because it is very economical and does not need to incur huge costs.

How, if you are already interested will Brownies Recipe Oven Practical Without Mixer And this? donk course, just not to miss this recipe deh. before you regret missed brownie cake recipe that was really very easy and practical. in addition to easy and practical without mixer and oven again, already rich again ngimpi aja stay nyemplung-nyemplungin ingredients alone is so practical delicious brownies. hehheehe
yaudah, now that would make her brownies come ready-dong siapin ingredients. cuman should not be surprised or would just stare Practical Without Brownies Recipe Oven Mixer And this. but you should be obliged to try this recipe because it is very practical and it should be noted, without mixer and oven tablets hehehe. nah, to determine the ingredients and how membuatannya are complete and accurate, please prepare the ingredients and follow the way membuatannya below.