Memasak Semur Ayam Bumbu Kuning

10/18/2015 00:01
Memasak Semur Ayam Bumbu Kuning - Hunting for food of different types of seafood was never-ending. One of the many popular fish is tuna. Many of these fish-based cuisine, where each region or place offers a unique cooking although the material remains essentially the same. Share and lovers swordfish and want to be creative with other dishes that are required to read the article to be treated the way of cooking delicious tuna so that your meals more tasteful and delicious. Cook swordfish is not difficult, therefore follow this article in order to practice it at home.
· 400 grams of fresh tuna (2-tailed)
· 1 tomato, peeled and sliced medium
· ½ teaspoon salt
· Seasonings sense of taste
· Sugar to taste
· Clean water as necessary
· 3 pieces turmeric
· 1 ginger, peeled and crushed
· 1 ginger, peeled and crushed
· The pecan taste
· 6 shallots
· 3 garlic
· Leaves regards as necessary
· 3 lime leaves
· Santan taste (1/2 coconuts)
· Red chili pepper and taste
· Right amount of oil
Step-by-step cooking tasty tuna:
How to cook delicious first swordfish that prepare all ingredients
Start entering the swordfish in the container and start cleaned then drain.
Prepare then heat oil in a skillet, put tuna that had been cleaned one by one, fry until half-dry, drain
Prepare onion, white, cayenne pepper, red, nutmeg until smooth
Add turmeric grind until smooth
Mix in the spices of ginger, galangal, leaves deep, lime leaves and then grind back carelessly
Stir-fry until fragrant spices was then enter the sugar to add savory
Prepare in a small cauldron boil water, put the spices already added sauteed tomato was subsequently stirring constantly until blended
While stirring, add salt, sugar, flavoring and then began to enter the tuna
Turn over or stir carefully, wait until the sauce absorbs the swordfish, if it is put in a container lift and serve, swordfish tasty ready to be enjoyed.
Starting a recipe is not easy, because of course it was the first experience. But you do not need to worry anymore because the measures are presented for swordfish tasty way of cooking is simple, of course, you will easily practice at home. Learning other creations with tuna is a good idea, because in addition to adding the experience will spoil your loved ones with varied cuisine. Begin to try this recipe for a delicious meal accompanied with a sensation of swordfish super duper delicious course. Enjoy!